We're searching for foodservice volunteers and other positions for both Spring Training and the Bloo19 Summer Tour!
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Bluecoats provides programming for youth in music and performance training. Leadership, personal, character and social development skills are emphasized through the challenge, excitement, and self-discipline through travel, competition, and pursuit of excellence.
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Working the Bluecoats Food Truck is an amazing way to get to know these amazing young performers and to help make the Bluecoats experience possible.
Vicky Riley, Foodservice Volunteer, Board Member
About Our Summer Tour
Each May hundreds of the best young performers travel from around the world to Marion, IN for the start of a 12,000 mile journey.
Our journey includes serving these young musicians and color guard performers 800 meals every single day, and driving a fleet of 10 vehicles to rehearsal and performance stops all around the continental United States. It takes an army of volunteers, medical professional, tour directors, professional drivers, and a dedicated educational staff to make a Bluecoats summer a life-changing experience.
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