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At Bide Awhile, we need and welcome volunteers with a variety of experience and skills.
Bide Awhile
Dartmouth, NS
About Us
Our Mission:
Bide Awhile is a not-for-profit animal shelter that has been dedicated to rescuing and re-homing animals since 1969. We believe in creating a humane community and we strive to educate the public about many topics, including pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering, and other animal issues.
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The William and Corinne Hopgood Pet Visitation Program
Bringing our cats or kittens to visit nearby nursing homes to help socialize the animal and provide comfort to seniors.
Our Pet Visitation Program is scheduled ahead of time, requires that volunteers have their own vehicle.
This event is normally at least two volunteers, meeting at the shelter to pick-up a kitten/cat for each volunteer, and travelling together to the nursing home. For most visits, volunteers stay in the general common room and the residents will join you there.

Dress for a warm environment.
There is something about feeling the touch of a soft paw or seeing their little faces that puts a smile on the resident’s faces. For this reason alone, we are truly blessed to be part of this program.
Gillian, Pet Visitation
Animal Socialization
Dog Walking & cat socialization
Dog Walkers must be comfortable handling large dogs who may not be well-behaved. You will be taught the common teaching methods we have started using with the dog to start it's training, and there is a set walking path we use around the shelter so we know where to look for you and the dog gets use to a routine

Representing the shelter
information booths, fundraising and community events, walking in Parades
Volunteers at craft tables or info booths are usually paired with an experienced Shelter volunteer. Craft fairs will have volunteers tracking items sold and have a cash box that must be tallied after each shift.

Parades: dress comfortably as you will be walking in what ever weather we have for the day (sun or rain). More detailed info is provided prior to the parade.
Baking for the Baked Goods Sale
Baking delicious treats for our semi-annual Open House
Baked goods prepared in a clean environment, and packaging is labelled with the baked food ingredients.
Calendar Committee & Distribution
Annual Calendar creation, sales, and distribution as part of our Calendar Committee
Volunteers can help judge our pet photo contest, solicit potential sponsors, provide input on design and distribute calendars to retailers.

If you are responsible for distribution, you are also responsible for restocking a location, tracking and bringing the funds back to the shelter
Administrative & Shelter Tasks
Helping out around the shelter
Administrative tasks, such as signing participants in at events like Cat Yoga. Support the shelter staff in tasks such as photocopying, filing paperwork, stuffing envelopes, and more.
Trio's Memorial Garden
Our garden is a quiet, peaceful place for people to remember the furry friends (or other loved ones) that they’ve loved and lost.
Volunteers can assist with maintaining this garden under the direction of our head volunteer gardener. Pulling weeds, moving mulch and planting flowers in Trios Memorial Garden just outside of the shelter.
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