General Volunteer
With AFI Documentary Film Festival
Assignment Details
Flexible Role
Shifts range from 3 to 5 hours, based on location and time of day.
About the Assignment
As a General Volunteer with AFI DOCS, you will work with venue staff to make the patron’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You will be a knowledgeable and dedicated representative of the festival, able to answer patrons questions and provide assistance where needed. On site, you will assist in one of the following roles:

Host/Greeters check-in guests from either a pre-printed roster or using a mobile device/laptop, and direct guests to the theaters.

Ushers direct guests to the auditorium and seats, distribute programs and ballots, and collect and package ballots.

Line Wranglers check to make sure lines are correctly formed and assist with loading in screenings.

Your specific task will be assigned at the venue, we appreciate your flexibility.

In addition, you will be able to sign up to work special screenings and events around Washington DC. These shifts require formal dress.

Special evening screenings are held in a separate venue from our regular screenings and will usually have a full house with special guests in attendance. At special evening screenings, volunteers facilitate the load-in and load-out of the theatre, help the production team set-up the venue, work ticketing and registration, and assist staff where needed.

Special events are after parties, happy hours and other invitation-based events for guests of the festival. At special events, volunteers assist catering staff, manage guest check-in, and help out staff members where needed.

Do not expect to see the film during your shift. There are many tasks that need to be done while patrons are inside screenings, and it is your job to stay proactive and involved with the operations of the festival while on shift.
Perks and Benefits
For every shift you complete, you will receive a voucher to attend another screening of your choice during the festival.

In addition, you will receive credits for completing your shift which will be used to calculate bonus incentives to be awarded at the Volunteer Party after the festival has concluded. SSL hours will be rewarded as hours are credited.

All Volunteers will receive an AFI DOCS volunteer badge and drawstring bag for their help with the festival.
As a volunteer, you are the face of the festival. Your presence and demeanor are what patrons experience as soon as they step into the venue, and your friendliness, cleanliness, flexibility, and problem-solving capabilities go a long way towards shaping their time with AFI DOCS. Thank you.
Applications Open
About AFI Documentary Film Festival
AFIDOCS offers the unique opportunity to connect film audiences with national opinion leaders, filmmakers and film subjects. Our Volunteers represent the festival, sharing their enthusiasm for this necessary art form with patrons from the greater Washington DC Community and from across the world.
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